Thursday, August 12, 2010

The "weirdacity" of Ole G

Joy to the world, my mind is gone.-

I have been tired lately, I have not been feeling so great, even been fatigued and/or maybe, I have got a trace of the infamous old age syndrome. Things are OK really, I have a great family, great circle of friends, and I finally understand that friends come, and go, but I have learned to hold on to a precious few, because the older you get, the more you need people who can listen to you babble, and not groan. This year has been difficult, hasn’t it? nearly every person I know, has had a tale of sorrow, losses of loved ones to tell. These are the days, if not the epoch, of thankfulness, and gratitude, neither of which requires anything from us, but a merry, sincere heart, and the acknowledgement that we all so richly deserve.

In this crass, adulterous, violent, crime ridden, and vulgar world, where honesty is in short supply, and too many different personalities conflict with what is right and wrong, it is not easy to be the master of your own feelings, and thoughts. I have been procrastinating, kept putting off updating the blog, it's just that horrid phrase kept chiming in my tèt kokolo (bald head): You will have time to do it later.

A particularly divine, quick-witted, and sagacious grande dame (take a bow, my dear), whom I have not seen (face á face/ face to face) in twenty eight (28 ) plus years, but thank God for Facebook, brought me a certain gaiety with these discerning words: There is no such thing as sane people, we are living in an insane world, abnormality is a figment of our imagination, or what so-called sane minds came up with. I sometimes cannot find the right words to write on this here blog, my followers expect so much, yet, I have delivered so little, this blog does not reward me with $$$, or any notoriety, but this is the space where I vent, and mostly babble, about the inane nonsense on my mind, and who knows? may be one day, I will muster enough gusto to write something to make you laugh, smile, and God forbid THINK.

And there goes ME thinking.-

Several things that I would like to talk about, but knowing me, however, I will briefly mention them, and then move on to some radòt (ramblings). I often write about crazy things that annoy me, and/or annoying things that make me crazy! Was it Douglas Adams who said: In the beginning, the universe was created, this has made a lot of people very angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad move. Then again, I have always thought that any day above ground is a great day. Anyways, it all does not matter now, because my eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Lebron James to the Miami Heat (NBA), and losing in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Welcome to my abnormal world, so glad you stopped by, and happy reading...Jesus, what was that diatribe all about?

Note:  Douglas Adams: British author, satirist, and dramatist.

One last time, let's hear it: Waka Waka, it's time for Afrika.-

Afrika Suni was colourful, noisy, and a vibrant celebration of international football, but it was the World Cup the Samba spirit died, some say it was the World Cup when/where Pele's eternal magnificence, Leonidas' splendid kicks (inventor of the bicycle kick), and Ronaldinho's aesthetic game, were forever darkened, if not buried, by a type of soccer at odds with the glorious Brasilian brand that has been maintained for generations. For once, the Brasilians looked perplexed, seething, and bickering with referees, and opponents...RIP Jogo Bonito (rest in peace, beautiful game).

p.s.- Waka Waka: Fang language from Cameroon; English: Do it; get the job done; get the task done.

The biggest names in football simply did not turn up at this tournament: England's Wayne Rooney, somehow forgot how to run, and pass, Argentina's Messi, could not find the net from two (2) feet away, and Portugal's Christiano Ronaldo, could only score one (1) rather comical goal against North Korea. The brightest star of the tournament was Uruguay's talented forward *Diego Forlan*, and the most hated man in Afrika is Uruguay's Luis Suarez, but forget about Brasil, Forlan, and Suarez, perhaps the biggest achievement, was the reduction of crime in Afrika Suni to almost negligible levels, by the mobilization of a well-organized, and equipped force of more than 40 thousand (40 000) police/security officers deployed at: (Stadia, FIFA headquarters, hotels/motels, whorehouses, public parks, restos, tourists venues ect...), this all creates an interesting issue, the Afrika Suni government is going to face some difficult questions. If it could build so many wonderful stadi, and reduced crimes in the country to almost negligible levels, why can’t it provide enough new housing for shanty dwellers, or hospitals and schools?

Note: World Cup 2014, will be in Brasil, world capital of: soccer, tangas,
gwo dada (big butt), and kanaval...Qui dit mieux? (who can possibly claim better?).

L'union fait "la farce".- Idiocracy and Democracy.-

Like most abnormal people, I enjoy a good laugh, especially at the expense of others, and as luck would have it, I had an exceptionally good one today. Sweet Micky (MM), and Wyclef Jean, along with thirty plus (30+) other individuals, officially entered Ayiti's presidential race, some have wondered out loud, what Black Alex (James Pierre Alexis) is up to these days . Now, let us try to see things without the tainted prism of bias, prejudice, and cynicism. As far back as I can remember, I have been a political junkie, and have loved nothing more than to discuss, debate, and frustrate, those who hold diametrically opposite views to my own.

Note 1.- "MM": Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky/ El Miko.

I do take umbrage to the trenchant verbal assaults aim at Wyclef Jean, improper arguments, like referring to his pedigree, and his poor command of the English language, may warm the hearts of so many (in the "red meat" sense), but they also discredit those who make them in the eyes of equitable observers. One of the reasons why I abhor the politiks of the so-called Ayitian middle class, and those who still have the preponderant control of the country, is that they have getting away with this sort of behaviour for decades, and of course, we have allowed them to even make careers out of such comportement, but this time (for once), the arrant fools do not realise that their antipathies, will only unmask, and undermine their own credibility, and publicly promulgate their personal failures.

Note: Politik: Politicians/ Political Affairs; Politiques/ Affaires Politiques (French).

I do have reasons, plenty of reasons, to again, take umbrage about most diasporas' assertion that: the sky will fall, if 'Clef ascends to the presidency, there is no magic left in this line of argument. As a humanist, I would like Wyclef's effort, dedication, and philanthropy to various Ayitian causes, - TO MATTER - by bringing us closer to some national goal.

One cannot possibly doubt the selflessness, and the devotedness of Wyclef Jean to his country, after all, for the past decade or so, he has "represented" the Ayitian diaspora magnificently on the international scene, and the narrative that he is offering is irresistible, le retour de l'enfant prodigue, the prodigal son, returning to rescue his native land.

Umbrage, encore et toujours (once again), at the idea, that he will be a bad Prezidan (President) because he does not speak Kreyòl, nor French, or he will be a horrible, just because he does not speak "Proper English", this is not the time for quackery logic.

Sweet Micky (MM) has his personal demons, video tapes cannot be refuted, and a few tapes, of our potentially future Prezidan (president), parading on stage wearing a jip (skirt), and/or a bikini tanga, have surfaced on the Internet social networks, It should be duly noted that his 100% KK cd (100% shit/excrement) was/is still a best seller, but when it comes to Micky, one discerns a certain laissez rouler les bons temps, after all Micky is notre matamore préféré, notre Hidalgo chéri, notre Don Quichotte à nous, all is forgiven, just a self-aggrandising braggart having a few laughs, meanwhile, 'Clef is already a polarising figure, loathed by the Ayitian middle class, and bourgeoisie, but adored by the young, the disenfranchised, and the downtrodden (the majority).
  • Matamore: braggart (English); vantard (French); dyòlè: (Kreyòl).
  • Hidalgo: Title of individuals of the Spanish nobility.
  • Don Quichotte: Main character of Miguel de Cervantes' classic novel El ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha  (Spain, circa 1600).
But there is a wider issue up in here, the future president of Ayiti, must overcome the challenges of bringing things like potable water, housings, decentralization, electricity, roads, health care, education, and jobs to Ayitians. Good Governance, if there is such a thing, or such a word, is not black, and white – there are many shades of gray. I am not willing in anyway whatsoever to condone the detractors of Wyclef Jean, but I have come to the conclusion, tho QUALIFIED, however he is, INELIGIBLE to run for office in the 2010 election, simply because, Ayiti's Constitution (1987), Article 135, clearly stipulates: Candidates must have had five (5) consecutive years of residency in Ayiti prior the election. Mr Wyclef Jean has never/ever resided in Ayiti for five (5) consecutive years: Causa finita; end of argument; Sispan n pale anpil.

Personal message to Mr Wyclef Jean.- (Doomed, but gallant solution.-)

Some battles are not worth fighting, some prizes, some trophies, some awards, are just not worth the blood, sweat, and the tears expended in acquiring them. They hold you back, traumatise, deflate, break you, ou gen pou di, se djab baka ka p manje w, they may make you lose faith in the brotherhood of man, take a pass on this particular battle. As the wise man once said, it really does not matter if you jumped in, or were pushed in, just keep treading water like hell, and GET OUT AS FAST AS YOU CAN, I would add, that you should not only try to keep afloat, you should be also heading back to shore (Yele Haiti). Once there, start off from where you left off, and sail on, my brother.

Let it never be said, that I am an alarmist; apoplectic: maybe; deranged: definitely. Bad choices, superstars choices, ex prime ministers choices, yo' mama choices, impossible choices; this election campaign seems the first in memory, where all thirty four (34) candidates are equally unimpressive. Elections serve a purpose, but are often flawed, complicated, costly, so what marker should we use? The classic, choose the lesser of two (2) evils? Close your eyes, and see what the almighty pen chooses? sadly, this whole charade certainly is not about who is more deserving, I think that in our preferential, emotional, Ayitians have it like dat , voting system, it seems like abstaining from voting, or maybe just writing WHO CARES on the ballot box will be the easiest way to ensure that neither of the thirty plus (30+) candidates get our votes. And perhaps, that is the best choice we can make at the moment.

In an unrelated story, Kool-Aid, will be available in several delicious new flavours.