Friday, September 23, 2011

Ainsi parla Ole G .- Thus spoke Ole G

On devine, on suppose, on imagine, et souvent, on se trompe.-

Never intended to exacerbate mi familia, and friends by blogging, and it would be ignorant, if not arrogant of MOI, to posit, that anybody's core tenets, are aligned with mine; being called an elephantine pedant by a few, is not apropos; I am just weaving tales, for your entertainment, and my mental health, I muse to amuse (could not resist), and because I think that I do have a rather peculiar panorama of every day life.
Conflictingly, I think this blog is serving its purpose by getting the readers, and members to speak up, to think, smile, and even laugh; of course at times, I may have lacked a certain prudery, but that is MOI (Ole G). From my perspective, an unexamined life is NOT worth living, this god damn life is about speaking out your own ideals, ask questions, challenge the norms, the memes, provoking thoughts, des idées qui dérangent? c'est qu'il y a de quoi, it is about the tangibles, the abstracts, and of course: morals, and ethics, and figuring out why things are the way they are on your own.

Ole G: Noiriste, tout miel, tout fiel; mange de tout, boit de tout, lit de tout.-

I am older than a vast number of the human race currently living on planet earth (sniff), and vanité des vanités, (vanity of vanities), it took me a while to realize that my ponderings are pure reverie, yon milyon ti piti tankou m, can not reverse nor prevent Ayitian politicians' recklessness, and self-serving behaviour, and since my personal emotional energy is my one, and only currency, I am tired of being morally, and ethically bankrupt.
The problem with us Ayitians, we never ask: why? when? where? or how?, and we more than often, allow others (read Bill Clinton) to dictate us, we are constantly too sluggish, strikingly intellectually lazy, notably corrupt, unreasonably bias, inordinately prejudiced, if not racist, and/or exorbitantly set up in our own third world mentality, to find out our own answers.
Sometimes a messy situation is best left to just be a messy situation, and it it is NOT my nature to make rash judgments on anyone, however, I have decided to put Mr. Martelly's, bourgeois sans joie/ boujwa san jwa entourage to the practical test, to poke at them on their pedestals, just a few zingers; by doing so, I believe that I am challenging myself further, and answering my own grumbles, if you do so, some of your own questions might be answered. This is perhaps why at times, I find it so painful to write about Ayitian politik.

By birth, by heart, by soul, and by choice, I am a 1946 dauphin (Ref:1), my political dogma are indelible, and are not merely the result of reading or thinking, but arise from my father; but firstly I would like to express my exasperation, if not fury, at the espektak & eskandal (spectacle & scandal) in Ayiti circa September 2011, just four (4) months into his presidency, the elected
prezidan, and his minions are starting to look like relatives who came for the holidays, and overstayed their welcome.

Ref.1.- 1946 dauphin: Children of the revolutionaries of the social, political, cultural bloodless  Ayitian Revolution of 1946 (Ayiti), some refer to us as noiriste, and/or noir unique.

Indignez-vous, Indigènes, les cigales ont chanté.- The cicadas have sung.-

To the uninitiated, my aforementioned narration may appear to be an unwarranted assertion, however, I will attempt to demonstrate that it is not. It is a communiqué (kominike) that it has been a tumultuous year in Ayiti, surrealism, and idiocy continue to reign supreme, we are all satiated by the ineptitude, and malevolence, Ayitians of all ages, are greatly piqued, and fatigued with the political dysfunction (see note). I have begun to contemplate the direction our fellow countrymen are moving, there seems to be so much enmity, and animosity, so much hostility, that the neo/crypto apologists, and revisionists of a certain bygone era are having a field day.

Notate bene.- Because of a gridlocked Parliament, as of 23 September, 2011, Mr. Martelly still could not fill his cabinet.

In previous postings, I have pointed out the internecine political environment in Ayiti, and scores of legitimate scholars have gleefully done so, but I honestly did not register this kind of polarity on my Ayiti anger radar. In that light, it is not only proper but necessary to ask: how enraged must our people be that they believe killing each other would resolve their frustrations? Have things become so unsettling in our country, that people have succumbed to abductions, rapes, slanderings, and plunderings to fix their personal problems?.

Ils se lèchent déja les babines.- They are already licking their chops.-

A burlesque grandstander, concocted by a hedonistic milieu, at his very best, the "Konpa Prezidan" understood the Ayitian psyche (à la Papa Doc, and Titid), at his very worst, he disrobed, cross-dressed, and cussed on stage, it was all part of the show, to entertain or so he claimed, somehow he managed to be a success, he even prospered, his stardom was a rehearsal of greater things to come, but good old Ayitian sophistry can only take you so far; In olden days, Afrikan tribes kept village elders around to remind them which foot to begin the ritual dance, but in one of the most fickle kind of Ayitian fauna, Tèt Kale, full of braggadocio, has surrounded himself with a scheming, conniving, ambitious, and formidable petite junte (kitchen cabinet), comprised of upper middle class and/or mostly light-skinned young Turks, suffocating with lust, and gluttony, awaiting for concessions & government contracts, treaties signing powers, exemption from customs, and who knows, may be an ambassadorship; the m'as-tu-vu parasites will overload his triumphal chariot (à la Bennett) 'till it capsizes. I cannot help but be reminded of a line from one of George Lucas' classic film (The Empire Strikes Back) : You will never find a more wretched hive of scum, and villainy.

Historically, voting such a verdant candidate into higher office, has always been a "high risk vote", but the exhibitionist had a certain allure, eloquent in French, and Kreyòl, fluent in English, conversant in Spanish, during the 2010/2011 presidential campaign, he enchanted, and bewitched Ayitian voters, and enthralled la presse nationale & internationale (the national & international media), his moxie, and chutzpah made him the best choice, at least according to 67% of the voters. A sympathetic gazetteer once penned: "Mizik/music in Haiti, even more so than other forms of art around the world, is a deeply unifying cultural force, it is political, Martelly's stardom gave him rare agency in a culture with intricate class boundaries" (fin de citation).

Certes, urbane thinkers, will scoff disparagingly at the fact that I have expressed such disputatious if not litigious opinions. However, one should ask not whether what I have written is moot or contentious, but whether it is a verity. If it be the case, then surely it should not be suppressed. Subsequently, all I am asking from/of the swashbucklers is to put some semblance of decency in Ayitian politics. Was It George Orwell (Ref:2) who said: "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear", and to the scoffers I riposte: "There shall come in the last days, scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, "Where is the promise of HIS coming?" (2 Peter 3:1-10).

Ref.2.- George Orwell: British author, and journalist, best known for the novel "1984".