Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ole G's badinage

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.- Avèg, Soud, Bèbè.-

Blogging has opened my eyes, and made me realise that a great number of people do not grasp humour, they still take whatever I have scrawled down a bit too seriously, still take everything at face value, that is why, once again, I am obliged, to circulate a disclaimer, for the faints of hearts, especially the po-faced, and sobersided, those lacking a certain levity.

Inspired by a little chardonnay: Disclaimer.- Avertissement.-

1.- Tho I have written a few notes about Ayiti's Political Affairs, I am not jousting for a cabinet appointment in the Tèt Kale Government, not only that I am not qualified (strike 1), I am just a tad too honest (strike 2), and I am a humanist (3 strikes, you're out), mais que voulez vous? in my utterly boring existence, one of mes p'tites joies is to make fun NOT only of the aristocrats, the Morally Repugnant Elite (MRE), "bourgeois sans joie" bureaucrats, the politicians, but everybody in between, no matter their creed, gender, sexual orientation, race, pedigree, status, religion, political party orientation, and affiliation.
Notate bene: I have also mused about current events, sports, and entertainment, it does not necessarily mean, that I think of myself as an athlete or a thespian.
  • 2.- I sometimes use crude language, not vulgarities, just plain crude, this is not the place for your children, or your children's children, it is also highly advisable to keep away the following people from this blog: who ever signs your paycheck, future, and current business associates; your spiritual guides: your rabbi, pastor, monk, priest, imam, and nun, oprah, your monsignor, your cardinal, the pope, your hougan, bòkò, and manbo.
N.B.- En toute connaissance/méconnaissance de cause (purposefully): spiritual guides were not capitalised (sa w di nan sa?).
  • 3.- This is not a scholarly journal, brilliant dissertations, ingenious ideas, lush prose, piercing thoughts will NOT be found aquí; not even for one (1) second would you ever utter: EUREKA (Note:1) while you are here; the rules of grammar, syntax, and concordance des temps, et des lieux, (Note: 2) are often disregarded if not neglected, but I do know things, for example, last week, I finally found out what PDF stands for, I have always thought it stood for: Pay Da Fucka, it actually stands for: Photo Document Format.
Notate bene: Eureka (Greek): I have found it (English), bengo legal/mwen jwen n (Kreyòl); concordance des temps et des lieux: Temporal relationship that dictates the sequence of tenses.
  • 4.- If you are a prude, a ti Jezi nan po krab, a virgin, if you have never experienced multiple orgasms; if you are a Ayitian intellectual, if you are not a fan of Miles Davis and/or Zenglen; if you do not listen to Maurice Sixto; if you believe blindly in anything that the racist, xenophobic, catholic priests, nuns, and brothers slave masters ever told you; if you are a tea bagger; if you are abusive to waiters, waitresses or anybody in the service industry, if you cannot laugh at yourself, and certainly at others, if you cannot spell BADINAGE, this mess, oops I meant, this blog, is not for YOU.
Note: Unlike the spiritual guides, notice that Miles Davis was capitalised (saw di nan sa?).
  • 5.- As a young lad, I read the 2 volumes of "Ti Alex", Alexis de Tocqueville's classic (De la Démocratie en Amérique), I am also cognizant of the United States First Amendment (Freedom of speech), in plain English: all netizens, and citizens, in capsule, YOU, and MOI, have the right to freely say whatever we please, as well as the related right to hear what others have stated...told you, I KNOW THINGS.
Inspired by a little Marvin Gaye.-

Mother, mother, There's too many of you crying ♪♪♪,... Father, father, we don't need to escalate ♪♪♪... Picket lines and picket signs, Don't punish me with brutality, talk to me, so you can see ♪♪♪ Oh, what's going on, What's going on, Ya, ♪♪♪ what's going on, Ah, what's going on ♪♪♪

L'automne de Wall Street.- Wall Street's Fall.- (Pun intended)

Ten (10) scores from this glorious year 2011, historians will wax poetic about Le printemps Arabe (Arab Spring), I, for one, have giggled, even LMAO'ed at the dechoukaj (1) of the Arab dictators, and King of Kings, but there is something brewing, and simmering in Amerika, that has left the overly powdered, and well-coiffed pretentious pundits, on CNN, BBC, and FOX News analysing their heads off, I am referring of course, to the leaderless resistance movement at the center of Amerika's financial power: OWS (Occupy Wall Street/Les Indignés de Wall Street) it is a mirror of recent protests seen in Greece, Iceland, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, France, England (in total 60 other countries).

1.- Dechoukaj (Kreyòl): from French "dessouchage"; uprooting (English); destruction, lynching of an individual or/and an institution; to exact revenge on oppressors.

The World Revolution.- Credo quia absurdum (I believe it, because it's absurd).-

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, and police brutality have kept away the OWS'ers, through it all, in unisson with their disenchanted brothers, and sisters from various states, and from all over the world, they have sung, danced, and marched against corporate greed, and corruption, they come from all political persuasions, all race, creed, colour and religion, their only common thread is: WE ARE THE 99%, of course, it is to the utmost importance to mention that, this being Amerika, the pizza joints, fast food restos, and the street cart vendors, in the Wall Street area are making a killing; Les Indignés have been shot by rubber bullets, and tear gas canisters, fan m, kou gason pran kout makak, a manif in Oakland (CA), a decorated Marine Iraq war veteran, had his skull bashed by police officers; Kanye West left his throne, and joined the demonstrators, la polis fouke (the police arrested) the world-renowned linguist, and activist Noam Chomsky, Academy Award winner Michael Moore (the obese documentarist) lost 17 kilos while dodging kokomakak, a few politicians have already started to associate themselves with the demonstrators; archetypal Hollywood, the beautiful people, the permed, dumb, and bleached blonde bimbos, addicted to bright lights, and cameras have jumped on the bandwagon, Ben & Jerry have dished out free ice cream, the videos of police brutality on YouTube are plenty, but Houston we have a problem, the movement is leaderless, it does not have a platform, it lacks a voice, a slogan, a certain je ne sais quoi, a certain konpa, an anthem, a rallying song, à la Civil Rights, Black Panther, and Hippie movements of the 60's :♪♪ Amazing Grace ♪♪, ♪♪ We shall overcome ♪♪, ♪♪ Almost cut my hair ♪♪, ♪♪ Lift every voice and sing ♪♪, assoifé (it thirsts) for Joni Mitchell, Stokely Carmichael aka Kwame Ture, The Grateful Dead, Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg, Malcom X, Joan Baez, Huey Newton, Angela Davis, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix.

Note: Manif: demonstrator, manifestant.
Note: Kokomakak: stick, bâton, billy club.

The audacity of Generation Next: This is their finest hour.-

I, for one, have failed to see this movement as anything, but an audacious act, and since the younger generation has an attention span of about 1 minute & 12 seconds, I expected that the middle class kids will get bored, or hungry, (48 hours max), and go back to suburbia, but to my great surprise, they have not abandoned the ship, however, attacking a blanketed "one percent" (1%) is not working, I personally, do not have a problem with the Steve Jobs (RIP), Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin of this world, those slick entrepreneurs have suckered the world into buying, and using their inventions, (iPod, iMac, iTunes, Facebook, Google) I am not upset with that percentile of the 1% at all, I am furious at big government, oil companies, (Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Hess Corp), insurance companies, (Allstate, AIG, Metlife), international banking firms, (JP Morgan, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs), pharmaceutical companies,(Pfizer, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Merck), the Economic Hit Men (EHM), those who have polluted our water, destroyed our environment, those who have denied life savings medications to million of Afrikans, those who have mortgaged your children's future, those who have looted your 401K's, your Social Security/Pension funds, the boneheads in the US Congress, and Senate who cut funding to the arts, and education, the Ponzi scheme crooks; those who voted against the affordable healthcare plan for every Amerikan, those who want to pimp Medicaid/Medicare ect...

J'accuse et je dénonce.-

It is known that since the beginning of capitalism (as we know it), Major Multinational Corporations, with the help of an army of deep pockets corporate lobbyists, have always seduced the US Congress, and Senate with Cash, Ass, and Gas. It was the US Congress, and the Senate who created the framework for corporate socialism. It was Congress, and their compadres in the Senate, who looted the Amerikan people's 401 K's, pension and retirement funds, to bailout Wall Street investment bankers, it is/was/were Congressmen/women, and Senators, who have subsidized giant pharmaceutical firms, oil conglomerates; Congress, who exempted large American corporations from paying taxes on overseas profits, encore your Congressmen, and women, along with the Senators, who gave British Petroleum (BP) "investigative" powers from "Accused, Judge and Jury", when they polluted the Gulf of Mexico.

Empires never last: sink so I can drink.-

Truth be told, on a global scale, the 99% of the USA is the 1% of the world (figuratively speaking). Every person in Amerika has more opportunity, more freedom, more rights than the vast majority of the human population, to claim these are meaningless words would be a fallacy. The Republican Congress, the Tea Baggers, and the simple minded hillbillies, are determined to capsize Obama's boat, and they do not mind if a few million Amerikans go down with the ship, so they can grab the power they crave, dans le même ordre d'idées, let me remind the Wall Street demonstrators that while you are exercising your First Amendment rights, by now, you should know that political purges do not benefit the people, they only enable the elite to consolidate power as they exploit the vacuum. Josef Stalin, François Duvalier (Papa Doc), Moammar Gadhafi (?) put forth violent political purges, and look how their so-called revolutions went; Thomas Jefferson, one of the forefathers of Amerika once said: “The end of democracy, and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions, and moneyed incorporations.” (fin de citation).

Prezidan Mateli vs Depite Belizè.- Bagay la cho, wi'l cho.-

Indulge me for just one (1) paragraph, paske Mesye, dam la sosyete, gen de pawòl, ki telman cho, ke se an Kreyòl selman mwen ka pale yo, mezanmi tande estera nan peyi D'Ayiti: Anèl Belizè, yon Palmantè, (Depite Delma ak Taba), semèn pase, vole tankou yon papiyon sou tab konferans nan Palè Nasyonal, li retire kravat li, deboutonnen pòlto l, epi li rale fo pwen li, gonfle ponyèt li, pou li kase batay avek Prezidan pèp la: Michel Josèf Mateli; kk voye, 2 nèg yo men m antre nan manman lòt, Prezidan an mande Depite Belizè "to take it outside", goumen nan lakou Palè Nasyonal la (comme l'on faisait jadis chez les FIC), gen 2 zou 3 Palmantè ki te la, yo kenbe nèg yo, kalme lè zespri, kidonk batay la pa gentan fèt.

Kelke jou apre, Depite Taba a, pran avyon, pou peyi La Frans, se Depite plenipotansyè peyi D'Ayiti li ye, se tou nòmal, ke li vwayaje pou l ale diskite gwo koze avek Depite blan Franse parèy li nan Palè Boubon, a Pari; pandan se tan sa a, Prezidan Konpa a, fè yon reinyon o somè avek: Komisè La Polis, Komisè di Gouvènman, Komisè Hédouville, Rochambeau ak Sonthonax, Minis de La Jistis, Jij La Kou Sivil, Jij La Kou Dapel, Jij La Kou de Kasasyon, pou l fè yo konnen ke Depite Belizè manke La Prezidans dega, epi dayè, mysie se yon evade de Gran Prizon ke li ye, se goudougoudou 12 Janvye 2010 a, ki mete vakabon sa sou moun, men m kote a, òd fòmel pase, pou yo arete sanzave a, a la minit ke l retounen an Ayiti...jedi 27 oktòb, Palmantè Belizè debake nan Ayewopò Tousen Louvèti nan Pòtoprens; avek sipò patwouj MINISTA, PNH fouke Depite Bèl Bèl, yo fout li anba kòd, "bon à être transporté au Pénitencier National", lòt Palmantè yo vekse, yo rele: "Anmwey, Aba Micky diktatè", nèg pran kalòt marassa, gen yon ekip ti mesye antyoupwet nan Radyo Nasyonal ki pa wé lòt bagay pou yo fè, yo mate Konpa Micky (Ole school stylin') nan radyo pèp la: ♫♪...Mwen pa pè anyen, ♪♪, Micky pa pè anyen ♫♪ Sa k pa kontan anbake ♪♫♪ , natirelman, espikè nan radyo pèp la, envite Prezidan an pou l "kale dada l jan l vle , paske peyi a se pou li". Aksyon piblik avek La Jistis Tèt Kale an Ayiti, bagay yo grav pase yon aksan grav (aksan fòs), pa gen diktatè si pa gen sitirè, et petit à petit la dictature fait son nid.

Addendum: Tèt Kale: Martelly's campaign slogan 2010/2011; bald head or all the way (English); also have a sexual interpretation in Kreyòl.

Palè Boubon: Palais Bourbon, National Assembly, Assemblée Nationale (Paris, France), located on the left bank of the Seine.

Addendum: Translation in English or French of the above passage, is available upon request.